Airport Transfers

Depart and arrive in style

Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive services all of Ireland’s international airports, including but not limited to :’

  • Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Cork Airport (ORK)
  • Shannon Airport(SNN)
  • Ireland West Airport “Knock” (NOC)

Whether you’re getting ready to explore the treasures of Ireland or bidding farewell, our experienced private chauffeurs see you off to your final destination in pomp and style. A drive through the green vegetative feel that is Ireland on your way to fully immerse yourself in the aesthetics uniquely embedded in the small memorable towns of Ireland, your airport transfer will be the one thing you look forward to once you set foot in Ireland. A fine release of jet lag and unease as soon as the chauffeur opens the door for you and you slide into magnificent leather. Talk about airport transfer on a level unrivaled. The Ireland level. There’s no need to wait in line and hail a taxi when you can simply book with us and imprint your memory of Ireland in a way only you know. Just got off a plane and you are ready to see what Ireland is ready to offer? We know that feeling can be overwhelming and a tad confusing especially if you’re a first timer. Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive provides a different touch to airport transfer for you. Feel at home already in the personalized transport experience as we chauffeur you through Ireland.

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The wedding experience provided by Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive is well documented. Having graced the pages of well-known national & international news media when reporting on celebrity weddings. At Leonards, enjoy the privileges of being a celebrity when you book with us for your biggest life moment. We also guarantee to “get you to the church on time” – and in style, all across the West of Ireland. Which type of car accurately fits your idea of your big day? We have it. A wedding experience like never before is what Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive offers the moment you sign up for that wedding car hire or limousine service for your big day. An experience that transcends the test of time is what we strive for with each wedding that passes. It is your big day, you deserve it big.

Let us assist you in planning your big day, not only in the provision of your transport, but we will happily share our knowledge and contacts regarding hotels, florists, beauty treatments, church music, and photographers. We have been in the game for long enough to tell apart quality from basic. Our referrals are highly recommended around Ireland when looking for that touch of difference and uniqueness for your wedding day.

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Be it a private business trip or a crucial executive meeting, Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive pride themselves in getting you to your destination and back in comfort and guaranteed discretion.

With the ever-increasing number of MNCs located in the West of Ireland, the corporate sector of our market continues to grow exponentially and we continue to expand to meet that demand. Should your partner/s wish to accompany you on your trip, let us plan their downtime according to their wildest dreams?

Be it an airport transfer as you rush to that crucial executive meeting or on your way for that private business trip, we will get you where you need to be and back in record time and in exclusive comfort designed just for you. Our chauffeurs are highly professional and maintain high standards of discretion. Your guaranteed discretion is our guaranteed satisfaction. Our mission is to serve you beyond your wildest dreams. Your partners and colleagues want to accompany you on your trip? Let us plan their down time in accordance with their wildest imaginations. We are not just your chauffeur company; we are that business partner you have been hoping for.

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Since 1700, between 9 and 10 million Irish people have emigrated, leaving us with a current Irish diaspora of over 33.3 million Americans and 2 million Australians claiming Irish ancestry.

One of our increasingly popular services is facilitating families in tracing their Irish roots and maybe even finding the “old homestead.” Let our travel company use our extensive knowledge, connections, and experience in bringing your genealogy trail to a successful conclusion.

Find your roots today – Our genealogy partner “Celtic Family History” will research and document your Irish family tree. They will also identify the locations in Ireland where your ancestors once lived, and may even be able to able to reconnect you with some Irish cousins who still live here today. They can be contacted at

There is something special about connecting with someone you know but never really knew existed and the mystique in discovering your lineage. The fact that you share genes with someone else out there. The possibility of family. Of friendship. Of love. Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive understands the immense power that rests in this so it walks with you every step of the way. With every discovery, with every lead whether false or on the right track. The emigration pulled us apart but Leonard’s Chauffeur tours brings us back together. Our partners at Celtic Family History delve deep into extensive research to trace your ancestry and maybe even reconnect with your family still around. A reconnection never thought possible comes alive through Leonard’s Chauffeur tours.

Fishing and Hunting

Whether you wish to enjoy a quiet few hours casting your line in some of the finest salmon fishing havens in Europe or are looking forward to an entire holiday enjoying “the sports of kings”, Leonard’s chauffeur Executive Drive is here to serve you.

Let Ryan, an experienced ghillie, fisherman, and huntsman tailor your fishing and shooting experience in some of the most beautiful parklands in the West of Ireland.

For fishing and hunting holidays in Ireland also visit Ryan’s River Lodge or call our travel service for recommendations

Leonard’s Chauffeur tours just keep getting better and better each time. With such amazing experiences offered by Leonard Chauffeur Executive Drive, a chauffeur tour of Ireland is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences in our lifetime. The beautiful parklands that open into hobbies and activities that just silence all the chaos of life and bring you at peace with the beauty of Ireland’s nature. Cast your bait and capture the true essence of Europe’s leisure.

Chauffeur Tours

Fall in love with Ireland, with the help of one of our experienced chauffeurs. Let us take you along the Wild Atlantic Way starting at Mizen Head where we can stop and savor the Cork and Kerry Coastline, the cliffs of Moher, the Connemara Coastline, the rugged Ceide cliffs, all the way past the Hills of Donegal to Banba’s Crown, to our most northerly point: famous Malin Head. Let us also take you on smaller trips to the Quiet Man tour, the Ring of Kerry. The castles of Ireland, the Ceide fields, the Historic Boyne Valley. Golfing tours and the Dublin city tour. The Wild Atlantic way is one of the most famous sights to behold in Ireland. A breathtaking scenery of 2500 km stretch of land filled with the spontaneity of nature’s unraveled beauty. Get lost in the sights and smells of the intoxicating senses of Ireland.

Have you been to the main towns and cities in Ireland? You just might be missing out. Leonards Chauffeur tours can make things right. Enjoy a luxurious tour guided by our knowledgeable and witty chauffeurs as they take you through the captivating essence of the towns around Ireland, Each with its own rhythm. Let us chauffeur you through Sligo a small picturesque town nestled between mountains and an amazing offshore coastline and then we would slowly push through Roscommon, a county filled with little towns vibrant with culture and life or we could stop at County Mayo , the good old countryside with breathtaking landscapes. On the other hand, Galway within Connacht to experience just how archaic Ireland is. Whatever your interest is- cultural, historical, scenic or other, let Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive plan a trip to remember.