Since 1700, between 9 and 10 million Irish people have emigrated, leaving us with a current Irish diaspora of over 33.3 million Americans and 2 million Australians claiming Irish ancestry. One of our increasingly popular services is facilitating families in tracing their Irish roots and maybe even finding the “old homestead.” Let our travel company use our extensive knowledge, connections, and experience in bringing your genealogy trail to a successful conclusion.

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There is something special about connecting with someone you know but never really knew existed and the mystique in discovering your lineage. The fact that you share genes with someone else out there. The possibility of family. Of friendship. Of love. Leonard’s Chauffeur Executive Drive understands the immense power that rests in this so it walks with you every step of the way. With every discovery, with every lead whether false or on the right track. The emigration pulled us apart but Leonard’s Chauffeur tours bring us back together. Our partners at Celtic Family History delve deep into extensive research to trace your ancestry and maybe even reconnect with your family still around. A reconnection never thought possible comes alive through Leonard’s Chauffeur tours.